I don’t want to be all serious today, I really don’t but I feel like this needs to be said. I want to get it out. I don’t want young women out there thinking that this kind of thing is okay.

Why? Why, would you abuse my sister, or any woman for that matter. I have had a fairly emotional day, however it cannot compare to how my sister is feeling.

She just recently gotten out of an abusive relationship. Not physical abuse but mental and emotional abuse. It is not right. Her (ex)boyfriend was totally abusing her. She never said anything about the fact that he was basically shaming her for gaining weight, calling her names, snooping thru all of her things in an effort to catch her cheating.

Guess what? HE WAS CHEATING!!! Who knew? So much for that. He did some things to my sister that are irreprehensible, while denying that he was doing anything. I hate men like this.

I don’t care what you think a man or a woman has done to you. If you are unhappy just leave, do not feel the need to abuse your partner mentally, emotionally or physically. I don’t understand why this even needs to be said.

Thankfully my sister is an extremely strong young woman who has her head on and she knows that what he has said and done does not define her. I to have been abused in the past and it hurts my heart because I love that girl so much. I am 10 years older than she is and it makes me so sad to see her hurt. She is so smart and amazing that I cannot even fathom someone treating her that way.

So in short, lets put it another way. Hurt my sister, and my brother and I will ensure that you swallow your balls after removing them with a rusted spoon? Capish?? Seriously bro, I mean it……… I will cut you.

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