So, I am sitting here in front of my daughters school waiting to pick her up. I am looking at the window to her class room and there are reminders for us parents about several different fundraisers that they are doing currently.

I have three kids at three different schools. It feels like there is always a fundraiser going on. Well, I am done.

I am the queen of fundraising but I don’t think it’s right that they are doing so many. People just can’t afford it. I am a PTA mom and this drives me insane. I also work on the box tops for the school among other things. However these “fundraisers” where kids are asked to sell whatever it is this week so that the school gets like 10 cents on the dollar for each item sold is a crock!!!

It certainly doesn’t help the schools out as much as they would have you believe. (I know, I get to see the budgets) I feel like out kids are being guilted and bribed into doing these fundraisers because they get a prize or their teachers are pushing them so hard to raise money for the school that they are taking away precious teaching and learning time.

I am ALL FOR raising money for our children’s schools but isn’t there a better way? Don’t people realize that thing they just bought for 30$ for the kids school is only going to give the school maybe 3-4$? Why not just donate that $30 to the school? Is it because nothing is free? You have to get something in return for not having that money in your pocket?

I know it is a failure to find schools properly on a governmental level, but making our children fill in the gaps with these false advertising fundraisers is sickening to me. Maybe it’s just me, but I for one am tired of it. If you want to help out a child’s school, just make a donation, either in the form of supplies, or money so that it can be allocated appropriately.

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