They Both Smell
They Both Smell

Standing in the bathroom, plunging the toilet for the 4th time the other day, I began wondering why I was never told certain things about raising a son. Girls, I can relate to on some level. Boys? Not so much.

Things I wasn’t told……….

Boys smell funny:

Not babies but boys, they seriously smell funny. I swear I need a hazmat suit complete with gas mask to go into his room in the morning to wake him for school. The fart smell literally follows them where ever they go. It doesn’t matter if they shower 10 times a day. They smell. I am not sure why they smell so bad, but they just do. It grosses me out. I am afraid to close the door completely at night for fear that he will suffocate from his own farts. Gross, boys are gross.

Buy an industrial plunger and become a Master Plumber:

It doesn’t matter how much toilet paper they use or don’t use, the toilet is going to get clogged at least once a week if not much more frequently. I have spent probably hours total trying to unclog the downstairs toilet, over and over and over. I have purchased probably 10 different kinds of toilet plungers over the years, to find one that works just right while still spending what feels like an eternity swishing the toilet water and trying to make sure that it doesn’t overflow onto the bathroom floor. It’s gross but true people. Once I am done I have to take a shower, because inevitably I get splashed, occasionally in the face which let me assure you if foul. It doesn’t matter to me if the water is “clean” or not. When I get splashed with toilet water, time for a shower. It is just one of those things that grosses me out to the point that I just can’t take it. I think I want a shower now, just thinking about it.

Everything can be a pet:

As my son has aged over the years, I can’t begin to tell you how many different critters have been brought into my house to be pets. There have been more snakes than I can count. Including the one rattlesnake that he found…… Yeah, you read that right. Rattlesnake….. Mostly it’s just garden snakes, as well as the mice, another little rodent that he found. None of that includes when we are camping or elsewhere and he finds some random critter that needs to be a pet!!  While camping we have had, crawdads, salamanders, a chipmunk, among oh so many others.

The size of their toys is the only thing that changes:

I keep getting told that certain things are a phase, monster trucks, tractors, etc however knowing grown men I have learned that they only things that changes between men and boys is the SIZE of their toys. I am sure that things will change with interests, however whenever a large truck rolls by I see his eyes light up like he just saw a wardrobe malfunction…..

Boys have different emotional needs:

I think I had some clue to this, but I had no real idea what this meant, until I had a son. We know girls are emotional, it’s something that we are teased about, allowed to cry, and have our “moments”. Boys I learned are not according to society. Boys are not supposed to cry, they need to “Suck it up, and Man up”, well, that is simply not true. Boys are just as fragile as girls are. They just show it in different ways. It’s more subtle, however they need to have their emotions validated and learn that it is okay to have feelings. I can’t begin to tell you how hard it was for me to realize that masculinity has nothing to do with the normal “Boy / guy” things. I am doing everything in my power to ensure that my son is as well rounded emotionally as anyone else.

Boys need an outlet:

All kids need an outlet, not just boys, I am a mother of two daughters as well, but I have found that boys need an outlet that is all theirs. For my son, his outlet is Taekwondo. My daughter takes it too, but it’s an individual sport. This won’t apply to all boys obviously because I am not raising all boys, just mine. That being said, I have found Taekwondo to be AMAZING because they get to hit and punch as well as run, jump and kick. It saves the inside of my house from the torture. Also, it allows him (them) a place to get all of the aggression out. We have had less fights between siblings at home since they have an opportunity to go hit the heavy bag a few days a week.

What I have learned about boys in a nutshell:

Boys are dirty and gross, but for some reason I can’t imagine my life without all the little man drama.

Peace and Love Y’all

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