If only dreams were peaceful.
If only dreams were peaceful.

As most of you know, I am a stay-at-home mom and The Mister is a work-at-home dad. This poses some interesting challenges for us as a couple.

For instance yesterday morning I decided to take a morning nap as I didn’t sleep very well. Generally I don’t nap. That’s The Mister’s thing, like clockwork after some lunch. Never the less I chose to lay down for a bit. Now when I laid down it was about 0730, which would have given me plenty of time before The Mister’s morning meeting. I PASSED OUT, he tried to wake me about 20 min before his morning meeting and apparently I just “bandersnatched” at him and told him to leave me alone. Sure enough he did. Smart move! I need to learn from experience some days.

I don’t recall the interaction at all, however I was having some pretty creepy dreams. Dreams are something I am not sure I have at night or I don’t remember them at least, unless I nap then I wake up all jittery and creeped out. Sometimes I just want to know where the hell those combinations come from. Do you ever have those dreams that you just want to know WTF? Seriously, a tiger, cross country drive and an infant? Where did that come from? 

But I digress……

On this morning I was having dreams about finding a stray dog and then suddenly my dream shifted to sitting in the middle of a room being interrogated by 5 guys. It freaked me out so badly that I woke up, and they were STILL talking? What the hell? I laid there for several minutes thinking that I was having some form on “Inception” dream and dreaming within a dream before I realized that the “men” in my bedroom were The misters coworkers and they were having their morning meeting.

Since I didn’t remember him waking me with the warning that he was going to have a meeting, I freaked out. I felt so silly afterwards telling him about what happened. The only thing he could say to me was “I need an office” and then he walked away.

I just laughed and agreed, one of these days he will have his own office, but for now I get to awake to random men having a conversation in my bedroom.

All of that being said, I wouldn’t change our lives for the world. I love having him home and around to see our children grow every single day.

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