You know that old saying “When the cat is away, the mice will play.”

I always make sure to tease my husband about silly things like having a kitten here when he gets home, but we all know that I wouldn’t do that. So it’s all in good fun. (Even if I do drive him a little crazy with the teasing)

So since I have just put the children to bed, I thought about the Pros and Cons of him not being here for a few days and this is what I came up with.

Lets start with the Cons.

  • I’m bored. I really get used to having him here all of the time. It’s really nice to be a SAHM with a WAHH, he is always here when I need him.
  • Remembering garbage day. Pretty much every week my husband takes the trash cans down with out fail. It’s not even something that I have to think about. Tonight when I was taking the cans to the curb a spider the size of my hand¬†a quarter, jumped out and went on the attack. I screamed like the little girl that I am, then went all Al Capone on him and proceeded to take the cans down. ¬†GROSS
  • Figuring out the computer network. I can totally do it, but it certainly takes some time to remember all of the steps to get it working so B will go to bed. (For the record you have to manually click the drives to connect them, stupid programmers.)
  • Can’t watch our favorite TV shows. (I am totally not dickish enough to watch them without him)
  • Sleeping alone.

There are tons more Cons, but my complaining is already White Whine enough already. So I say we get on to the Pros.


  • I don’t have to prep the coffee pot.

Seriously, that is about the only Pro that I can think of. It has only been 8 hours. Literally, 8 whole hours…….

Once I get over the first night I am always okay, and these next few days are going to be tons of fun. B has a friend sleeping over tonight, then a beach trip, with a slumber party at her friends house. I think partly I am just kind of dreading having to go to my High School Reunion. It makes me feel really old, I hate feeling old.

So I am going to take my old ass to the couch and get caught up on General Hospital, I am only like 3 weeks behind.

If you need me, I will be chilling in my sweats and eating candy.



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