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Crazy dreams: A peak into my subconscious, and how I got a baby…

Last night I had the most insane dream. A dream that felt as though it lasted all night. I was on a bridge near the river fishing with my children. We were at some sort of party too because a bunch of our friends were there, lots of music and chatting.  I remember that I was helping my son unhook a rather large fish when suddenly someone I know walked.. Read More

Why are there 5 men in my bedroom?

As most of you know, I am a stay-at-home mom and The Mister is a work-at-home dad. This poses some interesting challenges for us as a couple. For instance yesterday morning I decided to take a morning nap as I didn’t sleep very well. Generally I don’t nap. That’s The Mister’s thing, like clockwork after some lunch. Never the less I chose to lay down for a bit. Now when I laid.. Read More

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