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Camping Season 2014

I am so excited to be planning and prepping for camping season this year. There are so many places that we want to go this summer. I wish that we could do and see them all. This year we are going to go camping at least twice, once this June and again in August. I hope. Summer 2014 is going to be amazing! We spent a couple of hours this afternoon going.. Read More

SnowMageddon 2014

Staring out at the snow in awe

I live in the valley and we don’t generally get a ton of snow where I live. Well this weekend we got about 12 inches of snow. I love the snow, I have a 4wd Trailblazer, and traction tires. So we got around and faired pretty darn well. There was no school Thursday or Friday and here it is Monday and still NO school!! What gives? I understand that on.. Read More

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