No Minivan Mom

Be more than "Just" mom

End of year make up days

I am getting some flack from other parents at the school regarding my decision not to make my kids go to the last two days of school this year. I have been called irresponsible, a bad parent, told that they are important educational days, and had one person in the school office tell me that there is the possibility of a math test on the last day. I call bull shit,.. Read More

SnowMageddon 2014

Staring out at the snow in awe

I live in the valley and we don’t generally get a ton of snow where I live. Well this weekend we got about 12 inches of snow. I love the snow, I have a 4wd Trailblazer, and traction tires. So we got around and faired pretty darn well. There was no school Thursday or Friday and here it is Monday and still NO school!! What gives? I understand that on.. Read More

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