I feel like I am suffering from some stay at home mom problems today, or mom-brain or whatever you wanna call it.

I have so many things that I should be doing,

  • I SHOULD be vacuuming,
  • I SHOULD be thinking about what to make for dinner.
  • I SHOULD be folding laundry.
  • I SHOULD be steam-cleaning the kitchen and diningroom floors.

However, I am sitting on the couch watching General Hospital. (It’s good today) and snapchatting and texting my baby sister. She is a blast.

We are totally nuts, but it works.

I did however take the car to get the tire pressure checked and that took FOREVER!!!! Way longer than it should have. It took 50 min to check the pressure in the tires on my husbands car. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME!!!! I went to ask where my car was and the guy that took my keys was on lunch. Seriously?

So I asked that lady where my car was, and he didn’t make a work-order for it. Awesomesauce. So apparently when they did find my car it was up on a lift and they were doing a bead test on my tires because all four tires were low. Thanks for telling me. I was told that it would be like 5 maybe 10 min. 50 Min later I was finally done.

Thanks for taking up almost the entire time that I had free to do the things I SHOULD have been doing while my kids were in school, considering the littlest only goes 1/2 days.


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