I live in the valley and we don’t generally get a ton of snow where I live. Well this weekend we got about 12 inches of snow. I love the snow, I have a 4wd Trailblazer, and traction tires. So we got around and faired pretty darn well. There was no school Thursday or Friday and here it is Monday and still NO school!! What gives? I understand that on Friday it was pretty dangerous to drive but on Thursday, they closed schools in anticipation of snow………. We didn’t even get a flake of snow until after school would have been out, who does that? I mean cancel school when there is just a threat of snow?

On Friday tho we got a BUNCH of snow. We had a blast out playing in all the snow. It was amazing, usually we have to drive a little bit (about an hour) to the snow. This weekend tho it came to ME!!! I was stoked. The kids got all bundled up in their snow suits, and snow boots, and we headed down to the park. (Just around the corner) It was so cold that even the dog had to put on his snow boots.

When we were down there we had such a great time. I took the truck so that we had a place to warm up. Apparently the truck was a hit with the neighborhood kids because at one point I had 10 kids stuffed in my truck getting warm while I dried out gloves on the dash. I couldn’t believe how many kids I could fit in there when I put the seats down. It was so funny.

One of the kids looked at me and said “You’re the awesome mom of the neighborhood, you know that right?” I was like I don’t know what you mean, what makes me the awesome mom? He said, “Well you brought a warming shelter for all of us, a bunch of bottled water, and snacks for all of us in the neighborhood.” I didn’t think that I was doing anything out of the ordinary, but apparently I was. It felt so nice to be thanked by teenagers.

During this Snowmageddon, I had to go out and about a few times. It is insane to watch people that don’t know how to drive in the snow. If you don’t have a vehicle that has traction tires or chains, please just stay home. I can’t tell you how many people were wrecked and abandoning their vehicles on the side of the road. One person had hit a tree so hard that he broke an axle on his vehicle. People driving way too fast for the road conditions, I don’t know how people can justify putting themselves and others in danger by driving so recklessly.

Come on folks, this has been a 5 day weekend feeling cooped up in the house, I am so ready for the kids to be back to school. I was NOT ready for this long weekend. I feel like it has been 5 days of mom entertain me, mom, ma, mommy, mom, mom, mom, mom, mother, mommy. It has definitely had its moments of insanity, but it has been awesome too. We got to do things that we don’t usually get to do like, sledding down the middle of the street, spend lazy days playing board games, sleeping in, and just spending some serious quality time. I have really enjoyed this time especially some of the comments I got from my kids. A few of my favorites…..

“Mom, snow’s cold”

“Mom, I got hit with a snowball, that hurt”

“I feel so cold my face is melting”

“Why can’t I eat the yellow snow??”

“Your hair is so white mom, you look like an angel, but also really old.”

“I fell and broke my butt….”

I know that there are so many more little gems that my kids said this weekend. We only get this kind of snow about every 20 years or so. We had another snow event similar to this in 2008, but this will be the first one that the kids will actually remember. I am so thankful that I got to spend the whole time with them and giving them an amazing home snow experience.

Building the Fort
Building the Fort
An amazing snow fort that the kids built.
An amazing snow fort that the kids built
The dog and his boots
The dog and his boots
Neighborhood snowball fight
Neighborhood snowball fight
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