The Problem……

I have been fighting ants for MONTHS in my kitchen. No amount of bleach, cleaning, or raid seemed to be doing the trick.

It is incredibly frustrating when you have a clean kitchen and then suddenly it’s like attack of the little creatures from hell! The ants weren’t even going after anything. Just wondering. What the actual hell?

I have discovered that they actually wanted to “Help” me clean. For every little scrap of invisible piece of meat, or crumb on the counter the ants were there to help carry it away. Awe thanks guys.

The Panic Attack

Yesterday I took the kids out to have some fun on the last day of Spring Break. On our way home, my son “A” threw up all over my car……. Horrific, but manageable. Walking in the door with vomit covered jackets and child, I saw what horror really was. Ants had taken over my hallway. Really, the hallway? There is nothing for you! After, copious amounts of Raid, and steam mopping the floor, I made my way to the kitchen.

The kitchen looked like a war zone. Everything was covered in ants. I couldn’t understand where they were coming from. I was already stressed out. I began cleaning as fast and furiously as possible and thats when I found it.

The Nest From Hell

Looking around the kitchen for where they are coming from again, I opened the liquor cabinet that I rarely open and there it was. A mass of ants so large that I wanted to scream and run away. Unfortunately I couldn’t. I had to deal with it right then and now. The sheer amount of ants that I saw was sickening. Pulling things out of the cupboard slowly and rinsing them off and throwing most of them away I managed to rid my kitchen of the nasty little critters.

Finally Free

I am finally free of the ants now. Well as of this very moment I am free. 18 hours of no ants. It feels like this is the first time in months that I have not seen an ant in my kitchen. I want to celebrate but then I remember that I just found an ant in the upstairs shower.

On the hunt again.

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