Think before you post

I cannot even begin to count how many times I have received phone calls, text messages, and seen posts on social media complaining about how horrible parenthood is. I am guilty of doing this as well, venting is healthy, taking a step back is healthy; ranting about every single thing that your child does is not healthy.

In no way would I tell someone to not vent about something that is bothering them. However, I don’t believe that the entire world needs to know how much you hate your children right now. Most people have the ability to read between the lines realizing that things get said we don’t mean. Thinking before posting is important.


Life is not a race to the bottom, stop trying to one up the bad behavior.

Seemingly everyday, there is undoubtedly three or four people in my own personal news feed talking about how terrible their children are. Some instances have even caused me to distance myself from them on a personal level not just a simple unfollow on social media. Should I judge these people because they are obviously having a bad day or a rough moment? No I shouldn’t, but I am and so are other people.

The worst posts for me are the ones that say something to the effect of;

“I hate my kids today”

“Someone come get these kids before I beat them”

“I took a nap and my kids tore open all the cereal, what little bastards. Don’t they know that we have things to do? What a waste of food. Ugh, I can’t stand it.”

“They painted the walls again, great. My landlord is going to LOVE that”

“I know I am going to get judged for this but……”

When I see these things in print, it’s harder to ignore. I know that as parents we have all had moments that we are not proud of, however I have some questions. As I am sure the rest of the world reading such words do also.

  • What are you doing while they are doing all this?
  • Where are you? Have you just checked out?
  • Why are you so distracted that your kids are running amok?
  • Really a nap? While your kids destroy everything please explain to me what you’re thinking here.

Letting your children run the house while you stand back and bitch and moan is not the way to create productive members of society. I absolutely know that kids will be kids. I have three kids, one of whom happens to be a child with Aspergers. Children make messes and can be sneaky, but if you start teaching as soon as possible what is and is not okay I promise children will learn. My children are not perfect, I would never make the claim that they are, neither am I. There have been oh so many nights I have been in tears when the kids have finally gone to bed because the day has been stressful, and my patience has been stretched thinner than I ever imagined possible.

That being said, in today’s fast paced world of social media it is really easy to just sit back and say whatever is on your mind. One thing that I believe people forget is that when it’s out there, it’s out there forever. Things can be deleted, removed, from your view but it is STILL out there forever.

These words being put out there in the wild jungles of the interwebs that are said in the moment of frustration, especially about children are really ugly. The world is already an ugly place as of late to grow up in. So when I see such ugliness coming from people I just want to reach out to them and ask, “Would you like for your children to see this either now or in the future?”

From a personal standpoint I know how horrible it is to have a parent say some of the things I referenced above in person. I can’t imagine my child some day looking back through and seeing horrible things written about them as a child on the internet. Having to explain those actions would not be on my bucket  list that’s for sure.


With all of that being said, please just love your children, give them what you can even if all you can give is a hug and a comforting word. Being a strong force of love and comfort in a child’s life can be the thing that makes or breaks them. Every single person deserves a kind word, even if its from a stranger. Be the change that this world needs.

Peace and Love to you all


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