Super Mom to the Rescue
Super Mom to the Rescue

Mothers Day

Mother’s day is coming up and I know that everyone makes such a big deal about it. I don’t quite understand the big deal. I have read so many blog posts today about how “Nothing is not enough”.

I don’t think that not receiving a card or gift on Mother’s Day is the end of the world. Sure, is it fun to get gifts and cards? Absolutely it is. Should your children, whom you carried for 9 months and then labored with then birthed at least make you a card? Yeah, they should but what happens when they don’t? Does it diminish their love for you or yours for them? No it doesn’t.

The blame game

Lots of women have been blaming fathers and husbands for not making a bigger deal about Mother’s Day. I don’t think that they are to blame personally. I think the fact that women don’t let people know what we want and expect for holidays are to blame. If we tell our spouses and children that we don’t want anything for Mother’s Day how can we hold it against them when they do nothing for us?

I think that knowing our families love us and want to be around us is better than any gift I could ever receive. I love getting gifts as much as any other person, however I would rather sleep in and spend the day just blogging or playing xbox in my sweat pants.

Talk about what you want

The point I am trying to make I suppose is, if you want something you can’t get it if you don’t say something.

Take action!

Speak with your husbands, significant others and family about what you want or need. I am of the firm belief that if you need something physically or emotionally you must speak up. It doesn’t matter if it seems mundane or silly to others, if it matters to you it needs to be talked about.

Have an awesome Mother’s Day!

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