Manic Mondays are just kind of me puking out my thoughts. Anything that is on my mind, might not be in any order that makes sense to you, it’s just how my brain works!

Sitting here I am thinking about how my weekend went.

I am struggling with my husband being out of town. It always kills me. I don’t know why. Him going away happens fairly frequently. He works from home and I am a stay at home mom, so you would think that we would relish the break. However in all actuality it is almost the exact opposite. I feel like half of me is missing.

Last night I went to my dads house. It was so pleasant, we spend a few hours picking fresh fruits and vegetables from the garden. The kids ran around on his couple acres looking for rocks and other random crap. I now have two Chinese Terracotta Warriors in my living room. Sigh After we picked the garden my baby sister made us all yummy sammiches for dinner. Then my dad and I shared a beer and a cigar….. It was like a parallel universe. I am getting up there in years and my father and I have never ever had a beer together. Let alone shared one. I almost couldn’t believe what was happening. I am not a big “beer” drinker but when he offered I couldn’t say no! I would be a fool to refuse an offer like that. He even opened it because my hands were hurting so bad. I have waited years to have a drink with my dad. I am not sure I want to say how many years…… 

My sister and the Birdie Mac
My sister and the Birdie Mac
B and her NASTY feet after frolicking around at grandpas!

This coming week is going to be balls to the wall full of Taekwondo. We have class every single night this week, then an 8 hour drive to a tournament where I hope that the kids will bring home some medals. Makes it all worth it! Seeing them thrive at a sport they love.

IMG_0747 IMG_0748 IMG_0812

At the last tournament we went to both kids brought home medals and it boosted their self confidence like nobodies business.

The anticipation of The Mister coming home and seeing him for just hours before the kids and I leave out of state for our trip is killing me.

We are riding with The Bestie and family to our tournament in an effort to save money on fuel and other expenses. This will be a serious test for me. I am such a control freak, I am not taking my own truck! That is HUGE! I am so weird about things like that, I do however get to split the drive time with her husband. That helps the both of us not die from the exhaustion of an 8 hour drive. It is a win / win but I am still super anxious about the whole thing. I usually need lists and weeks of planning before a trip of this magnitude.

In unrelated news, I am totally loving the new show “How to get away with Murder”

What is on your mind?

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