Sitting here watching an episode of Bethenny, okay sounds random enough, I know. However they are having a discussion about are you a “Strict mom” a “No rule mom” or are you an “In the middle mom”?

I think that I am a in the middle mom. Kids have to have some structure and boundaries in place to ensure that you don’t raise ass-holes. Seriously tho there are people that don’t discipline their kids at all? Let their kids stay up to 1-2 am and sleep till noon? What the hell?

It has been said that “Rules, are a replacement for being there.”? I don’t think so. My kid had better know not to run in the street. Pee on a teacher, break my things. Those are all rules. I was just whining the other day about the fact that kids these days have no sense of right and wrong (while maintaining their individuality) But the way I look at it, don’t kill anyone, don’t be an asshole, do your best in school, apply yourself in life. I don’t care if you are just outside scooping up dog poop. Apply yourself, do the best that you can do, do it right the first time and you won’t have to do it again.

I don’t think that you have to be on them alllllllll of the time, but they need to know that doing certain things will have consequences. That the consequences will change as they age, but it’s all still cause and effect. I really hate that people have no boundaries for their children. I am so tired of people that want to only be their kids friend. I am totally friends with my kids, but they also know that bedtime is at 7:30pm on a school night. They know that they have to do their homework and their chores, as well as that I am not going to back down.

It seems so nuts to me. Maybe I am the weird one, (I mean I know I am weird, but still) I just don’t think that living in a world void of boundaries is going to set them up for the real world. I almost can’t wait till some of these kids grow up and get the shock of their lives when they go to work 4 hours late, and they get fired. Ugh, I just want to smack a parent now and again.

I was just outside of the school picking up my daughter and watching kids throw sticks at cars, and run out into the street in front of cars causing them to slam on the brakes. (I have been one of those drivers) I wanna whip those kids for the parents. Maybe thats wrong but I don’t care. I get so fed up with parents that don’t want to parent.

We have to live with your lack of parenting and mistakes!!!

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