I had decided that my first real post here would be about those things called “Indoor Tornados”

Ya’ know the things that we gave birth to I asked some friends for some input and this is what I got….

“Nastiest would be hands down diarrhea off the crib, walls and floor….never give too much prune juice. Funniest and most treasured is when Wyatt finger painted my living room wall which by the way is still there.”

“My daughter when she was a toddler squeezed an entire huge bottle of baby powder into a fan that was on full blast…that wasn’t fun to clean up”

“Ashley painted her face with Desitin cream while Mark was “watching” her lol. She looked like a mime! Next funniest is my friend’s son who peed all over her pots and pans in her kitchen cupboards”

“Toothpaste and Vaseline in my 2 year olds hair and yes at the same time.”

Mess Makers

I think that its amazing what our kids get into when we aren’t looking. I remember cleaning spaghetti off the walls, juice out of the carpet, a gallon of milk that had been dropped when trying to pour a glass impatiently. My kids are all older now, the youngest being almost 6 years old the messes are different.

I have piles of boots and shoes, dishes left all over, pieces of paper torn up and scattered around. Then there are the legos, my oldest is really into building creatures with Lego sets so I occasionally get the tiny piece of lego in my foot. (To which my son gets the backlash, seriously I think I would rather break a bone rather than step on a lego)Wall Paintin!

That got me to thinking about where are we parents when all of these messes are being made? I would like to say that when mine were little I was kicked back with a stiff drink, getting a suntan, but that wasn’t quite the case and I know for my friends that helped me out here that is not the case either. It’s so amazing to me how quick the little critters are.

Sometimes I feel like I am herding cats when I take all the kids out and about, and even worse when we’re home. Home it is like we are walking on top of one another all the time, but I don’t think that I would have it any other way. We live in a cozy place, with our dog and two gerbils. I feel like I have everything that I need when my family is all around me. I am pretty fortunate to have a husband that works from home. It rocks, but it just makes the “Indoor Tornados” that much more stressful, because I don’t want him to see them all. It was so different when he worked at an office. I know, how much they stress him out, so I try to keep up on things during the day. I will admit this last week or two I have been a total slacker and my house looks like an “Indoor hurricane” went off.

I feel so bad for The Mister some days because I know I am not the best housekeeper, however everything “usually” ends up getting done. Sometimes like this morning I totally screw it all up. Ugh I forgot to prep the coffee pot last night so on top of being annoying to him yesterday. I feel so bad.  Wife fail!!!!!! I feel like an asshole.

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