First off I would just like to say that I love little Piglet and we haven’t had her for quite 24 hours yet, but getting her was the real process. So lets talk about that.

Deciding on an animal

I am of the mindset that you don’t just get animals. Getting animals that you aren’t equipped to have, or handle is extremely inappropriate. I did a significant amount of research on Guinea Pigs before we got one for our family. Actually, it was 8 months of research. You might say that is excessive and I could learn everything I needed to know as I went, or with a simple google search. However, I personally don’t think that is good enough. I wanted to talk to people that had them previously, current pigger owners, and even my vet.

In all of my research I learned about different kids of cages, and how much space they need to be happy little critters. It is a surprising 4 sq ft per pig that you have. SOOO the generic cages that are sold in pet stores are simply too small. I elected to build a C and C Cage. I was able to build the entire thing for $50.oo.

Also in my research, I discovered that guinea pigs cannot manufacture Vitamin C in their bodies. I didn’t know that. No one had ever said anything to me about that. However you can supplement that with a slice of an orange, as well as other foods high in vitamins.

$50 to build
$50 to build

Deciding on placement for the cage

I was having a hard time deciding on where to put a cage in my house. I don’t have a lot of open space for a cage which is one of the main reasons I decided to build one, other than just purchasing a large one. Guinea Pigs for instance thrive in an environment that is between 60-80 degrees fahrenheit. I didn’t know that before I started doing my research.  So I ensured to put the cage in a place that wont get too hot or cold. However we generally keep our house about 70 degrees which is a happy medium for them anyways.

Picking the right Guinea Pig for us

After doing all of the research, gathering all of the accessories for the Guinea over 8 months, the time came to select our little Piglet. I knew that I wanted a female. For many reason but the main one being I didn’t want to have to squeeze the poop glands from a male’s butt…… To me that just doesn’t seem like a whole lot of fun. Actually its gross and well just no, I don’t wanna and you can’t make me.

So I had been trolling Craigslist, Facebook pages dedicated to rehoming animals, breeders etc. looking for our little Pig. I contacted someone on Craigslist looking to rehome their little girl, but I was never contacted in return. After feeling pretty disappointed that we weren’t contacted, we had to make a trip down to Petco to purchase our litter pan for the pig that may or may not be making its way into our home. While at the pet store we were looking around at all of the animals as is par for the course with my kids. A trip to the pet store, or the farm store is always quite the affair as we look at everything, every time………………………..

This time, The Mister had decided to take the afternoon off when we went, so as a family we made the trek down to the local Petco. Walking around watching all of the animals in their cages running around, checking out the ferrets, rats, hamsters, mice and every other manner of critter we made our way over to the Guinea Pig Kennels. There were 4 little piggies in this one little cage, so my husband and I were looking at them. One had longer hair ( which we decided that we didn’t want as they require much more care than their short haired counterparts) there were three other little girls in there one was Black and White and looked like an Oreo, a plain White one and then there was a little Calico girl sleeping in the hideout. The other three were running around playing and fooling around, while she was sleeping with-out a care in the world. We couldn’t see her hardly, so I had to ask an associate to let me hold her.

***In my research of small animals, I learned that when selecting a small animal it is best to make sure that they don’t panic and run away. It’s also good to ensure that they don’t try to bite you when you reach your hand in.*** 

When I placed my hand carefully in the cage that they were kept, the little calico Guinea didn’t run, she didn’t do anything really. She just looked up and let me pick her up. I quickly held her close to my body and she just snuggled right in.

In the end, she made her way home with us and into her new home. There has been an adjustment period for her most definitely. However for the most part she is doing well. I have a sinking feeling that potty training her is going to be the hardest part, but I have lots of patience for such things. In the mean time, more laundry.

Thanks Ya’ll – Peace and Love













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