Today has been an interesting day to say the least. It started out innocent enough, waking up, eating breakfast, then some computer time. I told A, B, C to go get dressed so that we could head for the gym.

That’s when it started winding down a weird and crazy path.

Of course we were late heading out the door, my fault. I took too long of a shower, and couldn’t find a sports bra to save my life. Finally I found one and we were off! Racing as fast as the hamsters running the red Prius in front of me would go to the gym, showing up just a few min late. Thankfully because I really like having my hour of workout time with music blasting in my ears.

About 30 minutes into my hardcore cardio workout I saw a gym employee heading my way. That is never a good sign, last time it meant a broken toe was in the next room. I could only imagine what it was this time. I stopped the treadmill and pulled my ear buds out, that’s when she told me.

“So, A got hurt in FitKids just a few minutes ago. He got pushed off of a Bosu ball the half ball used for balancing and he injured his ankle.”

Immediately running through my mind was ANKLE? NOOOOO Not the ANKLE!!! Thoughts collected now. Okay, where is he, have you given him ice and is it broken?

“It does not appear broken, A is sitting on the bleachers, he has ice, however it might be slightly dislocated.”My face dropped. We were supposed to go finish school shopping after the gym, not to the Dr.


So a call to The Mister, the Dr office, Urgent Care and 30 minutes later I was doing the fireman’s carry with my 9-year-old on my shoulders headed for the truck and then the hospital. GOOD TIMES!! 

When we got to the hospital, it was time for X-Rays. I can’t forget to mention the fun wheelchair rides!

The first of four ankle X-Rays
The first of four ankle X-Rays
All Done!! Pretending to be all corpse ish.
All Done!! Pretending to be all corpse ish.

We learned from the X-Rays that it was not broken, just a very minor dislocation. The doctor set it very quickly, and quite painlessly. A didn’t cry or freak out. I am very proud!!! 

Once it was put back into place, the Dr wrapped it and then put a boot on it. While the Dr was working on the ankle, I made sure to harass A about how if he didn’t want to go shoe shopping this afternoon all he had to do was say something. This was a tad extreme.

Chillin' with his newfound boot in his awesome ride.
Chillin’ with his newfound boot in his awesome ride.
Don't forget the CRUTCHES!!
Don’t forget the CRUTCHES!!

Have you ever watched a kid try to use crutches for the first time? It is hilarious. Now I just keep walking in front of him saying “Come on Hop Along!” He is NOT impressed. It looks like we are going to have to wait a few days to go get those school shoes.

For now, I am just going to enjoy the fact that, he was a trooper! This was most definitely an Autism WIN!


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