Summer TimeI am getting some flack from other parents at the school regarding my decision not to make my kids go to the last two days of school this year. I have been called irresponsible, a bad parent, told that they are important educational days, and had one person in the school office tell me that there is the possibility of a math test on the last day. I call bull shit, there is nothing going on the last official day of school at the elementary level other than field day. 

There were two days missed this year due to “snow” I use quotes around snow because the rest of the country laughs when they cancel school over a few inches. Except Texas and Florida they cancel for a snow flake. Due to the snow days resulting in day off of school they decided fairly recently to add days on to the end of the year. Which I would normally be okay with had they not changed their minds already about having the Friday before Memorial Day  off and made that a school day as well. Pretty awesome at FUBAR people’s 4 day weekend plans. We had friends that were intending on going to memorial events that were out-of-state and had to change plans due to it now being a school day. Not only was it a slap in the face to people traveling to be with their families expecting it to be a 4 day weekend, the school district made it a State Testing day. Thanks school district.

So at this point I am already pissy with the school district when I receive an email from the school stating that they were adding another two days to the end of the year. No thank-you we will pass on that. The fact that they added two extra days to the end of the year, doesn’t change when the teachers have to turn in their final grades, or their final paperwork. So realistically there is no reason to add the extra two days other than to say that the kids were in the classroom for a certain number of educational hours. For my Kindergartener she is only missing a total of 4.5 hours of school…… over two days.

I have spoken to the teachers and have been told that they are not going to be doing anything educational on those two days. No math tests, nothing of the sort. One of the teachers actually said thank you. I totally laughed. I asked her why she was thanking me and she said “It’s one less to chase on field day” She went on to tell me that she was irked about having to add days on to the school year as it messed up plans that she and her husband had for their delayed honeymoon.

When we get the school calendar at the beginning of the year we start making our plans for the year. This year we had made plans for the day after school ends. I am not changing my plans over it. The kids have plans to visit some extended family that day and I don’t believe that it’s fair to be judged over doing what’s right for my kids…..

Like it or not my kids aren’t going to be attending the “make-up” days this year, instead they will be spending some quality time with their PaPa.


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