Last night I had the most insane dream. A dream that felt as though it lasted all night.

I was on a bridge near the river fishing with my children. We were at some sort of party too because a bunch of our friends were there, lots of music and chatting.  I remember that I was helping my son unhook a rather large fish when suddenly someone I know walked up to the bridge with her newborn.

She was acting all weird and looking for my mom. She was all panicky asking me where she was. I managed to calm her down and discover that she was looking to give someone her baby a good life, otherwise she was going to throw her in the river. I didn’t know it was a girl yet. 

I convinced her to give ME the baby instead of tossing the baby in the river. She was reluctant because I already have three kids. She started crying and handed the baby over. Telling me she couldn’t keep her, and that she hoped I could love her even though she wasn’t my baby. It didn’t matter what she said, I had the baby in my arms and I wasn’t letting go.

Don’t remember who took my kids home but I was headed back to the car after what felt like forever knowing I didn’t have a carseat, freaking out about how The Mister won’t let me have a kitten because we don’t have room. What is he going to say about me bringing home a baby? In the parking lot I was looking for my rig and noticed that I was driving a yellow short school bus. Whatever at least it wasn’t a van. I started the bus, put the baby in to keep her warm and ran over to grab the bottle from the girl who gave me the baby.

When I turned around SOMEONE was DRIVING MY BUS AWAY! I flipped out, and chased after it. When I finally caught up to the bus it turns out that the guy was just moving it out of the way, and didn’t even notice the baby. I was PISSED I couldn’t believe that he didn’t know I had my new baby on the bus.

Flash forward apparently and suddenly I am sitting at home talking to The Mister on the couch explaining to him that we now have another baby. He wasn’t thrilled about me bringing home another stray, but I got to keep her.


I had the baby and I broke in somewhere because I was in serious need of something I don’t remember what now, but it was scary when I got caught. Thankfully I knew the guy that caught me, who just helped me and then sent me on my way.


We were at the store, picking out halloween costumes for the kids and I was picking up some baby items, The Mister was helping me decide on styles and flavors of food, clothes, and diapers. We were struggling to remember what our kids liked and used for baby gear etc. When all of a sudden something at the store went black and suddenly I couldn’t find the baby.

Ding Ding Ding I woke up.

That was a super stressful dream, however at least I know that subconsciously I will take on another baby I suppose. I mean what a bonus, new baby and no stretch marks!

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