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Seriously, Ants?

Just a small portion of the nest I destroyed.

The Problem…… I have been fighting ants for MONTHS in my kitchen. No amount of bleach, cleaning, or raid seemed to be doing the trick. It is incredibly frustrating when you have a clean kitchen and then suddenly it’s like attack of the little creatures from hell! The ants weren’t even going after anything. Just wondering. What the actual hell? I have discovered that they actually wanted to “Help” me.. Read More

How we ended up with a Guinea Pig

Piglet Helping Blog

  First off I would just like to say that I love little Piglet and we haven’t had her for quite 24 hours yet, but getting her was the real process. So lets talk about that. Deciding on an animal I am of the mindset that you don’t just get animals. Getting animals that you aren’t equipped to have, or handle is extremely inappropriate. I did a significant amount of.. Read More

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