I am so excited to be planning and prepping for camping season this year. There are so many places that we want to go this summer. I wish that we could do and see them all.

This year we are going to go camping at least twice, once this June and again in August. I hope. Summer 2014 is going to be amazing! We spent a couple of hours this afternoon going through the new REI that opened up just down the street, finding lots of things that would be really cool and fairly useful when we are out in the middle of the woods all alone.

Yes, when we go camping we are not the RV, campground types. I prefer to go out in the middle of nowhere and just be free. No cellphone, laptop, or other devices.  Okay, well maybe not that far out, but still, I prefer not to be bothered. Usually it’s just me, the kids and the dog, BUT this year I think that I am going to manage to drag The Mister out. STOKED!! We haven’t been camping together as a family in god knows how long. In general The Mister has so much work going on during the summer months that he doesn’t get to go. I feel bad leaving him out, most of the time. 

Last year we had a “Mommy” trip which was pretty cool. Me and a couple girlfriends, 7 kids………… Yeah, okay we were pulling our hair out, but there was alcohol, skinny dipping and all around shenanigans which made up for lots of mama drama.

This year, I am hoping to get a group of friends, family and husbands together for a big group. I am a planner though, I have to have everything planned to the tee, or I just feel like I don’t have everything together and won’t have a good time. I make lists, for EVERYTHING, down to the number of eggs that I need to bring. I am a micromanager, only until we get up to where we are going and then it is bedlam and every man for themselves. I fear having to drive back to town for something mundane and stupid.

I have created a list of camping essentials that you may or may not find useful aside from the obvious.

The obvious;





Food etc

The not so obvious;

Shovel – It is a good idea to bring a shovel along with you in case of emergency. Shovels are useful for dampening a run over fire.

Hammer- Great for staking those tents and other things down to the ground, can also be used as a trenching tool in a pinch.

Folding Table- For those of us that enjoy our privacy whilst outdoors bringing a folding table is a necessity. (Especially with children)

Saw/Axe – When out in the woods having a saw and/or an axe is important to have. Incase of a downed tree, or run over fire. They are also useful in dealing with the wood to create kindling, for campfires.

Sage Bundles- Bundles of  Sage are great for keeping Mosquitoes away, by putting a small bundle in your campfire you can enjoy an mosquito free evening.

There are so many more things that I like to bring just for convenience and comfort. One of them being, once I am done with my scentsy (as they lose their scent over time) I soak cotton pads (the kinds you would use to clean your face) in the wax as easy fire starters. Plus when you light them on fire they smell pretty good too.

I also save my old catsup containers to put my eggs as well as pancake mix in for easy and portable storage. As well as convenient portioning while camping.

What are some of your must haves while camping, or some of your tips and tricks?

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