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Take my baby oven PLEASE!! The road to my hysterectomy.

It all started when…… I was just a teen when I started having shark week problems. I swear if you didn’t know any better you would have thought that I was hemorrhaging and on the verge of death.  Being anemic didn’t help any at all. It went on this way for over 12 years. 12 years, seriously 12 years!  I miscarried several times because of my defective baby oven, I had.. Read More

Why didn’t I know this about raising a boy?

Standing in the bathroom, plunging the toilet for the 4th time the other day, I began wondering why I was never told certain things about raising a son. Girls, I can relate to on some level. Boys? Not so much. Things I wasn’t told………. Boys smell funny: Not babies but boys, they seriously smell funny. I swear I need a hazmat suit complete with gas mask to go into his.. Read More

Things I didn’t think I would have to say

In all my life, there are things that I never thought that I would have to say. Some are silly, and mundane however others that I have caught myself saying or about to say just make me have to shake my head. I know that some of the things in my list are things that end up getting said as our children age, however there are a few that really.. Read More

Autism, Really?

I learned when my son was about 3 years old, that he was Autistic. I could have died. Infact I think that my heart did stop. I knew all of the signs, I was experienced on the subject. I had a hand in raising a little brother that was an Autist, after my mother left our family. Lack of speech No eye contact Delayed motor skills Stimming I could go on.. Read More

Seriously, Ants?

The Problem…… I have been fighting ants for MONTHS in my kitchen. No amount of bleach, cleaning, or raid seemed to be doing the trick. It is incredibly frustrating when you have a clean kitchen and then suddenly it’s like attack of the little creatures from hell! The ants weren’t even going after anything. Just wondering. What the actual hell? I have discovered that they actually wanted to “Help” me.. Read More

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