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Manic Monday

Manic Mondays are just kind of me puking out my thoughts. Anything that is on my mind, might not be in any order that makes sense to you, it’s just how my brain works! Sitting here I am thinking about how my weekend went. I am struggling with my husband being out of town. It always kills me. I don’t know why. Him going away happens fairly frequently. He works.. Read More

Crazy dreams: A peak into my subconscious, and how I got a baby…

Last night I had the most insane dream. A dream that felt as though it lasted all night. I was on a bridge near the river fishing with my children. We were at some sort of party too because a bunch of our friends were there, lots of music and chatting.  I remember that I was helping my son unhook a rather large fish when suddenly someone I know walked.. Read More

Cheaper to buy a new car, than tires…….

So The Mister and I were having a conversation the other day about our vehicles. The car that we had was a 2011 Toyota Corolla that just had it’s 2 years of free maintenance expire. That sucks……. I hate having to pay for oil changes and the like, especially on a new car. The other thing we needed was tires. Tires are expensive!!  I can’t believe how expensive tires are… Read More

Schwans Giveaway! For the love of food.

This post was sponsored by Schwans, the compensation I received was just the ingredients for this lovely dinner however all opinions and experiences are my own, all further purchases at the door etc, were my own and not sponsored.   So I went online to Schwans website, looked around for a while. I got totally hungry and unable to decide exactly what I wanted so I had to enlist the.. Read More

The Great Shoebacle of 2014

Since A decided to go and hurt his ankle when we were supposed to be headed out on the town going back to school shoe shopping we went this afternoon. We went alone……. Just him and I, in and out, quick fast and in a hurry. That was the plan anyway. I have no idea why I would even remotely decide to plan to do anything quick when it revolves around.. Read More

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