I am a West Coast mama, I have three kids A,B and C. I am C’s step-mother and wear that badge proudly. My husband (The Mister) and I were married in 2007. We currently have an awesome dog named Toby, one of the cutest guinea pigs I have ever seen named “Piglet” and two gerbils named Rocky and Chic.

Things I enjoy are:

Playing with my kids

Chillin with the animals



Horseback riding and training

Four Wheeling

Listening to Music

Oh so many other things but most of them are escaping my brain at the moment…… Mom brain.

I am a weird mom and I know it. I embrace it actually. It’s okay you will think I am weird too as time goes on. The weirdness kinda creeps up on ya, just embrace it with me and we will be awesome friends.

Post Work-out drink with my buddy!
Post Work-out drink with my buddy!
Rocking my new shades
Rocking my new shades
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